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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Genting Vacation - The Outdoor Rides

As soon as we settled our accommodations and luggage, we brought our impatient and overly excited Little Skywalker to the Outdoor Theme Park. We bought ourselves a pair of 2 Days All Park tickets at RM148 (it's free for children under 2/3 years old) to make sure we can enjoy all the fun we could. I will let the pictures do the talking on the kind of rides that a toddler could go for at Genting since many of you were asking. Bear in mind that we've (I mean including Little Skywalker) been going on all these rides since our first trip when Little Skywalker was about 9 months old!

When Tabby says it's good, it must be GREAT! A nice fountain located at the entrance of the Outdoor Theme Park with a little river which flows out of the fountain for you children to "freshen up" before proceeding further.

double decker mary-go-round ride is always the first one for a spin!

rotating aeroplane (as our son calls it) and the flying elephant will be our next spot as they are located next to each other. This is the closest thing to an actual aeroplane ride for him!

The small little
children playground is a must-go for Little Skywalker although most of the stuff there are similar to what we have at the playground nearby our house.

Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang ride (as our son calls it since we bought him that show) is Little Skywalker's favourite! We must have gone for at least 6-7 rounds throughout the two days because it was all he could talk about! He kept singing the chitty-chitty-bang-bang tune while he's "driving" as well!

locomotive train ride that travels the same route as the Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang cars is another one for us to sit, rest and enjoy the scenery.

Matahari ride is a good ride for everyone (except those with height phobia) to enjoy a bird's eye view of the entire Outdoor Theme Park!

The monorail which circled around the entire Genting hill is also a good way to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. Little Skywalker gave two thumbs up!

Apart from the above, we also brought Little Skywalker to Dinosaur Land as well as the Pirate Train. Both rides ventures into the total darkness (even with some scary black light figures)! We were surprised that Little Skywalker showed no signs of fear for darkness in both of them. However, we still don't recommend them to other parents with toddlers.

Other rides like the Rodeo Rider and Kiddie Rides requires the kids to be over a minimum height and no adult accompaniment. Those are not for Little Skywalker to try out yet, but could be fun for say, Twinsmom's Belles?

... Next - The Grown-up Rides

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