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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Genting Vacation - Food and Shoes

As you all should have known by now (even for those of you who haven't been to Genting before), the food and beverages up there are one of the (if not the) most expensive (rates similar to KLIA). A standard benchmark would be the fast-food chains like KFC and Mcdonald's, a usual RM6-7 set meal will cost around RM10-13 up the hill. So you can see how Uncle Lim got his money back although they provide one of the cheapest accommodations compared to most tourists’ spots in Malaysia.

For us, we usually have our complimentary buffet breakfast that comes with the room at Theme Park Hotel. Our favourite lunch spot would be the Marybrown outdoor restaurant located right at the entrance of the outdoor theme park. We like to have our lunch there because of the huge distraction offered by the Spinner, which is just next to the fast-food corner. We would normally pick the table which is nearest to the edge and put Little Skywalker at the table. He would enjoy watching and listening to all the ecstatic people going on the Spinner. In the meantime, we would have no problems feeding him anything at all!

As for dinner, I would highly recommend buffet if you don't want to eat fast-food all day. Although it can be a bit pricey (around RM40-50 per head), but at least you can stuff yourselves for two hours to get through the long and cold night. J and I recommend the Coffee Terrace (most preferred) and First World Café for good dining experience. The food varieties there are plentiful and diverse. I must say that the food and deserts served are quite delicious as well! It's just what you need after a long day of fun activities with your family.

Errr... you must be wondering why I put food and shoes together in a single post although they are totally unrelated items. Well, J and I bought our only pair of Nike sports shoes 4-5 years ago. Since we hardly go for any sporting activities, is not surprising that we do not need to get new ones. As we were on our way to have our dinner at Coffee Terrace on the first night, the bottom layer of one of J's shoes suddenly started to peel off! It came off completely before we were even half way through our walking journey and J had to walk all the way back to the hotel and switch to her slippers instead.

Talk about deja-vu! (or is it faith?) The same thing happened to one of my shoes as well the following night as we were heading to First World Café pulak! Fortunately, the bottom layer of my shoe did not peeled off the way J's did. So, I did not have to limp back and put on my slippers like J did. It seems that one of the Nike Air bag under the heel exploded! Hence, my right foot kinda felt imbalance as the heel side was kinda tilted backwards due to the exploded "air bags".

So, thanks but no thanks to faith and destiny, J and I ended up having to buy another two pairs of sports shoes...

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