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Monday, April 24, 2006

Sleepy and Whiny Saturday!!

It all started Friday night when Little Skywalker refused to sleep until it was close to midnight. When we accidentally woke him up on the way fetching J to her office, he started his whining because of insufficient sleep. Fortunately, J managed to calm him down before she was dropped off. He was quite occupied with his kid's driving kit we got him a couple of weeks ago. On the way home, we make a stop-over at the newly completed green park near the FRIM. It was our second time there and Little Skywalker already knew his way around. We spent almost 30 minutes there before we head home.

We were waiting for that mumbling guy to call when he's arrived at KL. Oh yeah! We were going to pay a visit to Twinsmom's after 10am. I bathed Little Skywalker. After that, I gave him his formula milk and hoped to give him his nap before our drive. It's much easier for me to drive with him sleeping at the passenger seat. While he was having his milk, Jason called up to inform me that he was already in KL (and that was about 9.45am!). Due to this unforeseen circumstance, we had to pack up and leave. Fortunately, Little Skywalker dozed off about five minutes after we left the house.

After meeting up with that not-so-punctual guy (too early also considered not punctual to me!), we had no problems finding Twinsmom's house. Jason wasn't too sure about which house exactly although he went before, luckily I had the address with me. I had to wake Little Skywalker up then, he was already in a foul mood after being disrupted from sweet dreams twice! You can read more about our two hours short visit here and here. I didn't manage to take a single photo as I was constantly being distracted by the whiny little fella. Suffice to say, we went home happily with a "original copy" of Wiggle's DVD from the generous Twins family. Little Skywalker even earned his new nickname as "voice recorder" for his ability to repeat any long or short phrases he heard!

We head to fetch J from her office after bidding (tearful) farewell to the Twins family. Little Skywalker fell asleep again on the passenger seat on the way. That's three times in a row! He went straight for J's breast as soon as J came into the car! The poor boy! He must have missed his mother very very dearly! After all his sleepy and whiny morning, he refused to sleep come our nap time (after lunch). Luckily J managed to keep him entertained with the new DVD we got from Twinsmom, while I took a nap after the crazy morning!

In the evening, we had a dinner date with Loc Kee, Milly and Jason (again!) at that famous Dak Fook restaurant near my place. It was a crabs dinner as Jason wanted to try it after hearing so much about it. It's amazing how many meals he can have in a single day as he just came from a meal with Peekabooh. Before dinner, we stopped by Loc Kee's house to pay a visit to SSM and their four days old baby boy. As Little Skywalker did not sleep in the afternoon, he was sleepy and whiny again throughout the dinner. In contrast, Loc Kee's SweetSweet was a very good girl who sat in her chair and ate her food by herself quietly! Jason was snapping pictures of every dish that came to the table before we could start eating as usual. It's a sickness really :P

After a six course dinner, we parted ways with the gang and headed home for a nice long sleep throughout the night. Little Skywalker was already asleep in the living room while we were watching a bit of DVDs.

There goes a very tiring and eventful Saturday for our boy...

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