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Friday, April 28, 2006

Shaken... Not Screwed!

Yesterday, we drove home from my parents' place as usual after picking up Little Skywalker and having our dinner there. As we approached the gate, I parked at the opposite side of the road (at the gate of our opposite neighbour) while J went down to open the gate as usual. Little Skywalker came to the driver seat (as usual) to play with the steering wheel and the buttons on it.

I could see the gate of our next door neighbour was opened. One of their cars was seen to be reversing out of the house. J was delayed while she was opening the door because of some rather big stones placed too close to our gates by the same neighbour. We didn't mind it the day before because it was not obstructing the gate.

As J moved the stones aside, our middle aged lady neighbour continued to reverse her car. Little Skywalker and I could see that she would require a few front-and-reverse maneuvers as she seemed to reverse in a straight line manner. As she took her first straight line reverse, we just waited in the car because there was a whole empty road behind her, she had more than enough room to maneuver. She kept reversing slowly. I could see her looking at her reverse mirrors many times.

She reversed, and reversed, and reversed, without changing direction at all! It was almost too late when I noticed that she was crashing into the front corner of my car! I was shocked to learn that she didn't notice the presence of our car. I pressed on the honk on my steering wheel loudly to get her to stop her outrages maneuver! Fortunately, she managed to stop millimeters before kissing our car! We could see her relieved and giving us a blur look on her face. I managed to suppress my anger and frustration. In fact, Little Skywalker and I just gave her a smile and indicate that her car is just "a little too close" to our car.

After that, I moved my car away for some distance to give her even more room for her straight-line reverse. As we got down the car, J told me how shocked she was to see the way our neighbour drove. We wondered if her reverse sensors were working at all! Normally, I won't be so mad as our neighbour would have to pay for all the damages to our car. But Little Skywalker was with me in the car, and that was unforgivable!

As we got into our house, I could see J was quite shaken by the shocking incident because she just locked the door after she came into the house without bringing our bags in from the car as usual. When I asked her, she replied, "I guess I was still recovering from the trauma just now".

Even Little Skywalker was shaken by the incident as he showed signs of wanting to pee. He pee just before we got into the car at my parents' place. I put him on his potty and immediately, he relieved himself. And you know what? A lot came out too!

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