Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wiggly Life!

Ever since we got our free "copy" of the Wiggles DVD from Twinsmom, Little Skywalker has been watching it at least once (I mean full length once) a day. We normally switch it on for him first thing when we arrive at our door step because we need to do some house work. Well, actually is mainly J need to settle the house work while I need some rest after driving in the chaotic traffic. We also discovered that Little Skywalker will do whatever we ask (especially those stuff that he dislike or just plain lazy to do) as long as he is seated in front of the TV!

So far, we could get him to...

Entertain himself quietly (ie. without crying or whining)

Finish his food by himself...

Finish his formula milk unconsciously...

Doing his business (big and/or small)!

Even combining two or more activities!

J and I really would like to thank Twinsmom once again for her wonderful and thoughtful gift to us Little Skywalker!

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