Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sleepless in Bedroom

For the last two weeks, we are having sleepless nights in the bedroom due to Little Skywalker's sudden change of his sleeping habit. For some reason, he got very tired in the evening around 6-7pm and will take his nap then. He will then wake up around 9pm to have his dinner in front of the TV.

Come bedtime, Little Skywalker will be as active as ever! He would roll all over the bed, asking to switch sides for his breastfeeding, with his trademark phrase "后面 nen-nen!" (at the back nen-nen). Normally, he would slowly doze off after a few switches. However, this is not the case for the past two weeks as he clearly had enough sleep from his evening nap.

He would sit up, stand up, walk around, asking his parents to wake up ("起来了!"), asking his parents to bring him out ("gai-gai 了!"), bring his Bob toys up and down the bed, kick me in the tummy, crying and whining etc. He would do that till way past midnight! No matter how we
raise our voices on him, spank him a bit, scare him with darkness and shadows, he just won't sleep! One night, I even try to isolate him by putting him in the bathroom (for a few seconds only lah!), and that did not work either! He was not even afraid to be left alone in the bathroom!

We hope that he will grow pass his erratic sleeping phase soon! Or else, J and I will be getting insomnia soon...

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