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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sunway and Sunburn - Dry Park

The weather was getting very hot by afternoon, we decided to get out of the water. After a quick shower, we went for our lunch. Unfortunately, there were not many food outlets in the theme park. Worse still, almost none of them had air conditioning. Lucky for us, we managed to find an empty floor above a fast-food outlet with running fans.

Poor Little Skywalker was already too tired from all the wet entertainment earlier. He was fast asleep on my lap when J brought back our takeaways.

We rested for an hour or so before we started heading to the dry park. We stopped by the souvenir store on the way to get us some cool looking sun shade caps. Then we headed to our first ride, the Apache Pots.

After that, we went inside an air-conditioned area where a stone exhibition was on.

Then we went for other rides around the theme park (but there weren't many).

Lastly, we crossed the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge (428m in length) to get back to the wet park and headed back to the exit.

Due to our "big prawn heads" for not applying any sun blocker at all, we ended up with some mild sun burn on parts of our hands and legs. Little Skywalker was fortunate to wear a scuba style swim suit to protect more parts of his body.

All in all, Little Skywalker rates the Sunway Lagoon trip with two thumbs up.

Tips for first timer, if someone happens to "steal" the XXL float you rented, don't worry about it. Just head back to the counter and get your deposit back with your arm band. If anyone ask, just said you have returned the float (you are supposed to bring back the float in order to get your deposit back). I am telling you this because our float were "stolen", and I actually saw Sunway workers going around to collect unused floats that were lying around.

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