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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sunway and Sunburn - Wet Park

Given the long weekend, J suggested that we go to the beach for a change. I would have agreed with her idea if it had not came up the last minute (last Friday). We checked PD and the accommodations were more or less fully booked. So, I threw in the choices of either A'Famosa or Sunway Lagoon. Since we have not been to either of them, I asked that A'Famosa fan to help out in getting the prices. Unfortunately, he told me it was fully booked as well. Hence, we decided to go to Sunway Lagoon instead.

We arrived at Sunway Lagoon around 10am (opening time) to avoid the public holiday crowd. As soon as we enter the wet park, we got into our swimming attire. We finally got Little Skywalker to slip into his new scuba-style suit as he refused to wear his underwear-style swimming trunk at home.

We headed to the man-made beach with Little Skywalker leading the way. He was practically walking by himself on the beach.

After making sure that the sands are not "dirty", he started to head into the "sea" (by himself again). We had to chase after him closely to make sure he does not drown himself.

He was more excited to get into the fountain-like shower in the middle of the "sea"!

After an hour of running around in the "sea", we headed to the shaded pool section of the wet park as the sun was getting too hot for us. By then, there were already many people around. Hence, we only spend a short duration there.

... Next - Dry Park

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