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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another One Going Up!

Updated (2):
You can take a look at the new electricity tariff rates here!
For domestic users like you and I, it is true that the rates for the first 200 kWh remained unchanged at RM0.218 per unit. However, there is a increase of slightly over 10% for the subsequent 800 kWh (from RM0.258 to RM0.289).

So, if your monthly bill is less than RM43.60, then you are not affected by the latest tariff hike.

Our Mr Good Guy PM say that "the 12 percent increase in electricity tariff was reasonable as it took into account the welfare of the people since 60 percent of households would be exempted from paying the increased charges" wor...

Geee... I certainly hope that I am part of that 60%, since we only uses about 250 units per month!

After the rise of petrol price, we have the interest hike.

Guess what? Now we have another one going up - electricity tariff!

That Dr Lim say the "average increase" is 12%, and went on to say that low-income household would not be "badly affected"...

Come to think of it, how does he come to his conclusion one? How "badly affected" is based on how much electricity people consumed mah! You mean poor people MUST use less electricity one? What a load of...

Sooner or later, another YB will step up and ask us to "Change your lifestyle" again!

Really have to negotiate with my boss for a 12% increase in my salary soon! LOL!

p/s: anyone out there can help me "adjust" my meter?

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