Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Impressionist He Is

Little Skywalker is really at the peak of his impressionist era. He loves to imitate everyone and everything. I was playing with him at the porch area of my parents' house yesterday while J was having her dinner. Our pet dog "Lucky" was sitting at the corner of the gate (beside a rough surface) licking his paw and scratching himself against the wall. I told Little Skywalker that our dog has hurt his feet and he could not get up and walk (just another white lie!).

Little Skywalker went over and requested Lucky to "起来走走啦!" (get up and walk a bit lah!). Lucky got up upon seeing Little Skywalker approaching. As soon as Lucky got off his spot, Little Skywalker went ahead and took over his spot. He squat, sat and leaned against the wall like Lucky did. I think the rough surface made some impact on his back as he got up with one hand rubbing his back.

Then, Lucky saw a female doggy walking pass in front of the house and he began to bark and run from side to side of the main gate. Little Skywalker saw this and follow suit. He walked from one end to the other and yeld out "Woh! Woh!". He nearly bumped into Lucky while doing it. I was watching and laughing with tears in my eyes!

Finally, Lucky went near his food and picked up a piece of bone, then he walked away. Little Skywalker saw this and went towards Lucky's bowl of rice! He tried to pick the bowl up. If I had not stop him in time, I bet he will be licking from Lucky's bowl like he did with his own food!

I guess he should have born this year instead of in the year of Monkey... LOL!

p/s: the original entry was postponed as I am having problems uploading pictures to Blogger :(

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