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Friday, May 19, 2006

70s Style!

Two weeks ago, my little brother borrowed me FX7 for his school projects. Although I hesitated a bit (as he was only 13 years old and I have just finished paying the final installments a month ago), I agreed. I am currently using the new FX9 (6M pixels) which my sister bought a couple of weeks ago in Singapore. She lends it to me as she is not using it for the moment.

While I was staying at my in-laws, there were many opportunities to try out the new camera. I accidentally discovered a new feature that I've yet to try (it could be in my FX7 as well) - the Sepia effect. Setting the camera in Sepia mode actually allow me to capture pictures that looks like they were taken in the 70s! I know, I know, you could most likely do it in photoshop. But it's kinda fun watching the world through the Sepia mode on the camera's LCD screen!

Do they look like they were taken back in the good old days?

p/s: pictures taken using the FX9 is about 50% bigger (in terms of file size) than my FX7 :(

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