Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, May 22, 2006

Chu Chu Train!

Out of the clear blue sky, J and I decided to bring Little Skywalker on a train ride. The nearest train ride at our place is KTM Komuter. Our plan was to take the train ride to the KL Sentral station and have our McDonald lunch there. The ride going to KL Sentral was quite packed and we had to remain standing. Little Skywalker was a bit scared on board an actual train for the first time (as compared to the monorail up at Genting). He kept saying "不怕" (not afraid) and "caterpillar train" to reassure himself while I was carrying him. He just refused to be let down!

The ride back to Kepong was much better as there were plenty of seats available. We got ourselves to two empty seats. We put him standing near the window so he can admire the view outside. He was no longer afraid anymore. He got excited every time we enter a tunnel, he will call out "tunnel wor!" as the outside view turned dark and "又出 tunnel 了!" as soon as the train came out of the tunnel. At the end, he refused to get down of the train until we convinced him that we will bring him again in the future!

As usual, here are some shots...

This is his first boarding pass on a chu-chu train! (for memory)

p/s: errr... his ride was actually free-of-charge! LOL!

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