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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Moments of Pleasure

Got this from King's Wife! Don't dare to defy a royal decree in fear of the guillotine...

So hear goes...

Name 10 of Life’s Simple Pleasures, and tag 10 other poor sods to recall theirs. The catch: Try to be original and not use things that others have already mentioned.
  1. my son knew how to call me first instead of his mother
  2. got a stable job that does not require me to sacrifice my personal and family life
  3. get a chance to watch many many US sitcoms thanks to p2p and a friend who downloaded them for me
  4. have no problem writing at least one entry a day (for a week) for this blog using only materials gathered through a weekend
  5. watching my son finally sleeping after a whole tiring day
  6. knowing my son is much smarter (not to mention better looking) than I am
  7. dreaming of the day I retire to a much better place (or country) than KL
  8. the satisfaction after stuffing myself with delicious food
  9. knowing that I am not alone in going through all the bitter and sweet experience in raising Little Skywalker (after reading through so many blogs)
  10. what else? bed time activity!

Next on the chopping board will be Twinsmom, James, Jazzmint, Greenapple and Allyfeel!

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