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Monday, May 29, 2006


"Seorang bapa meratapi kematian anaknya yang terkorban dalam tragedi gempa bumi di Daerah Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia semalam." - Source (Utusan Malaysia)

The same picture was published across all major newspapers in the country this morning. I had tears in both my eyes when I first saw the picture in The Star this morning while I was having my breakfast. I can't stop wondering about what I would experience if I were the man in the picture? I also couldn't stop imagining the horrifying moments the little kid must have experienced before his/her untimely death? What would I do if I survived and my family did not? Why did God allows such a tragedy to happen? Why did such an innocent young soul has to die? Would I go berserk and crazy if such a thing had happened to me?

These questions will bother me for some time as we mourn and grief for almost 5,000 people who lost their precious lives in the killer earthquake that hit in Yogyakarta and central Java yesterday morning...

Do cherish your love ones and count your blessings as you wake up every morning.

p/s: No usual entry today as a mark of respect for the earthquake victims

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