Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Inspector Skywalker

When we got the light sabers for Little Skywalker, we also got him other toys as well (since he looses interest very fast). Among them was a policeman set which consists of a knife (I still wonder why this is there), a spring gun, a pair of handcuffs etc. He loves the spring gun although we still need to load the bullets for him. Sometimes, he will misfire the gun while pointing it to himself. As for the handcuffs, he did not like them very much after I handcuffed his hands together for the first time. His eyes turned red when I did that. Now, we use it to threaten him when he does something naughty like kicking us, refuse to drink his formula, refuse to take his meal etc.

Just look at him...

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