Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tankyu! Muack!

Little Skywalker receives many presents and gifts since he was born. Those gifts are from relatives, my friends, J's friends, my parents' friend, my colleagues etc. He had celebrated his full moon, first roll-over, first words, first time stand up, first birthday, first step, first time climbing up the stairs etc. All of these events usually end up with gifts or generous ang pows from everyone. In fact, we did not spent much in buying him stuff (except his mami-poko). Majority of his clothes are passed down to us by relatives and friends. He is still on breastfeeding and hates formula milk, hence, we only buy one can of milk powder at a time so that it won't go bad before he even finish it.

Our first present to him was his play-pen (which is foldable into a mobile golf bag). He hardly plays or sleeps in it since we got it. The play-pen is still in use now, but it only contains all his toys and stuff. Then, we got us him a fiber-optic Christmas tree last Christmas. The ever-changing colorful lights really got his attention every time we switch it on. He would look at it for a long time without blinking before he could stand. However, now he is only interested in the power switch that controls the Christmas lights instead.

As you know, the latest addition to his play-stuff ended up back-firing in our face. He is still freaked out about getting on the bike. The most he could do is stand at the side of the bike and pushing all the buttons that generate sounds and music. Although I did managed to coax him into sitting on the bike, but those precious moments normally last only a few minutes (if the bike is stationary that is). I had a friend over last week with her son (who is two months younger than Little Skywalker). I put her son and the bike and he loved it (will blog about this later).

Last weekend, he got his first official Christmas present (in wrapping paper and all) . It's from the sweet auntie lady whom I got my surprise gift for J (on a side note, my sister is going to buy a piece of jewelry from her as well as a wedding gift for my future-SIL). We put the present under the Christmas tree for a few hours to attract his attention. His sharp eyes spotted the extra stuff under the tree and he went for it immediately.

He was kinda proud to hold on to his present for a few minutes while showing off to his parents. I managed to capture a few shots of this precious moment. The following pictures is a demonstration on how to open a gift/present which every kid should learn...

Step 1: Show Off Session in cat-walk style

Step 2: Look for any opening, holes or tearing

Step 3: Found it! (else, skip to Step 6)

Step 4: Grab on the opening and try to peel it off!

Step 5: Shake it hard and see if the "thing" will come off by itself

Step 6: If it doesn't come off, ask for help with a teary eyes and pityful face

Step 7: After a little help, proceed to peel of the "troublesome" wrapping paper (no offence to Twinsmom)

Step 8: Tadaaaaa!

Last Step (Most important!): Say "Rabbit!" and a big "THANK YOU!" to auntie Maria! Muack!

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