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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Our Tree

It's that time of the year again, only without snow in our country. Since I am a Catholic, I guess Christmas should be one of the biggest celebrations for me. However, most of my Christmas eves are spent in the church for a long mass. Hence, I seldom had a chance to really enjoy the conventional Christmas atmosphere like the rest of my peers (eg. walking down Bintang Walk, have a western dinner, enjoy the lights everywhere etc.).

The Christmas tree that we had at my parents' place was as old as me! It is even taller than me (about 7ft tall!). They bought it from Singapore more than two decades ago and it was still maintained nicely (albeit with a few broken branches). Year in and year out, one of us (me and my siblings) will take the effort to take the tree out of our attic and assemble it together. We would hang up the same age old ornaments since my parents are too stingy to buy new ones until we bought it for the past few years.

J and I decided to get a Christmas tree of our own after Little Skywalker was born last year. Although he was only three months old for his first Christmas and had no idea what is a tree, we still went ahead to get one last minute. We were lucky to do so with a few days to go before Christmas and we ended up getting a 50% off for our tree! I could only bid "suckers!" to those people who bought earlier than us :P

Looking at the fact that Little Skywalker is a naughty little boy (who am I kidding? I used to be the naughtiest kid in my family), we've decided to get a tree that will require no extra lights. Hence, we got a tree with one of those fiber-optics kinda leaves all over the tree. A light will emit from the base unit of the tree, through a rotating colorful plastic (or is it glass) plate, and travel up to the "leaves" of the tree, thereby the tree will be seen like having Christmas lights. This way, Little Skywalker can touch those lights without us worrying that he might get electrocuted. More importantly, we could save money to buy lights and ornaments since the tree is already pretty enough!

I took the tree out of the box last Sunday and put it up. I planned to do it this weekend but Little Skywalker got his first ornament that night. He actually got it as a gift from the staff at the Milwaukee Steak Corner (our usual weekend spot). One of the staff there gave him a big red ball before we left as a gift. Little Skywalker loves the round ornament and I decided to bring our the tree earlier so that he could hang it up. By the way, the decorations and lights at the Milwaukee around this time is really beautiful. I highly recommend you to bring your family and kids there for dinner. However, I must warn you beforehand that Milwaukee will be jam packed during Christmas eve and they only serve 4-5 designated dinner set (without the usual menu items) to speed up the waiting time. The same goes for Valentine's day.

Little Skywalker was very happy to see the tree although this is the second time he saw the tree. He went to touch the "leaves" and almost knocked over the tree a few times as the base was not heavy enough to keep it stable. We also helped him to hang his ornament at the peak of the tree so that it will be obvious to everyone. We put him on his Santa's hat although he was quite reluctant at first. Then we took a few camera shots of him with the tree. Later, we also placed his "terrifying" present beside the tree (since the bike was too big to fit under the small tree) as a tradition. Too bad he is still reluctant to get on it.

Since both J and my brother will be having their weddings dinners on 22-26 December, I guess we will not be having a traditional Christmas dinner at Milwaukee. I thought of bringing Little Skywalker to Singapore (since J's brother's dinner will be at JB) on the 25th but J reminded me that our little boy has yet to apply for a passport. I guess we will just have to wait another year for us to have a "normal" Christmas...

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