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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gifts From Venice

As I mentioned in my previous post, my sister came back from Venice last Saturday. She was stationed there when she took up her new job in Singapore. I was supposed to pick her up from the airport, but her arrival clashed with J's friend's wedding. Hence, my parents went with Little Skywalker instead although my sister insisted that she will take a cab and claim office expense. I guess we are not so comfortable with the idea of a lady taking a cab at night.

It turned out that her flight was delayed a bit and her luggage did not arrived with her on the same flight. It seems that her luggage was not checked in at Changi Airport where she had a stop-over before reaching KLIA. It was already 11.30pm when they finally arrived at home while J and I were too hungry was having our "yam cha" session at a mamak stall nearby. Little Skywalker was already sleeping like a log in the car.

My sister brought back many souveniors for us (me the most!). Apart from those chocolates which I am not so interested, she got me two items that represents Venice. I told her I needed those stuff to show off to people that I have been around the world! At last, she got me a Venetian Carnical Mask and a wooden gondola. Both of which are hand-made. She also got J a beautiful pink necklace. Little Skywalker was quite terrified by the mask, as well as those people who put it on later. We had to hide it to prevent him getting nightmares now. LOL!

In fact, my sister and I had a huge debate via Yahoo Messenger to decide whether to get made-in-China-and-mass-produced stuff or a locally hand-made items. I was all for whatever that is cheapest and easier to obtain. She was of the opinion that genuine (and expensive) stuff are much worthy because she wanted to help to preserve the local culture there! Below is a detail account a few days before her flight (Warning! Violent contents from here on!):

E: where is my boat?
S: no boat ...
E: huh? how come no boat?
S: the one and only hand-make gondola model shop close early... until I reach there after work already close shop... so, mask is enough for u
E: wat? a piece of paper? need boat to fetch (you from KLIA)
S: wait till u c...
E: boat is better lah... first choice of coz is boat!
S: u want I can get u Made in China one? lots of them...
E: got ah? looks real or not? if china one then get one big big one lah
S: looks nothing like the hand-make one ...
E: I mean looks like a gondola or not lah... those so called hand-made also may not be real!
S: u go study the architecture of a gondola... the head of the gondola is very significant one... those made in China one can't even see!
E: as if anyone knows about it in malaysia :P is something to fool people mah
S: u tipu orang also must tipu with facts mah...
E: so this time come back liao no more go back again?
S: yesterday the office manager said I will b spending a few months in SGP... then off to another project which is not in SGP...
E: ic... shit! then go get it lah!
S: I will b coming back here one lah... in future...
E: too late... get the boat!
S: closed shop when I reached there lah... no one come here to buy gondola models one... only u want :P
E: coz those idiots have no taste! and when they are there... they dun notice liao :P
S: coz gondola no more hype thing here lah, bodoh!
E: their problem... I like the boat! tat's about the only cultural thing left
S: I get it next time...
E: wat next time?
S: told u the shop closed if I go after work lol ...
E: then this time get me a made in china one first!
S: will come back next time one... made in china one really very 'lao ya' wan...
E: dun care lah
S: nothing like the classic black-and-red gondola...
E: can use until you go back next time... just get me at least one of the boat!
S: dowan! damn stupid only!
E: aiyor... not as if you are using it! is for my show off session!
S: not worth it mah! wat for buy made in china thingy?
E: get one lah! here no sell lah!
S: u otak like rock only!
E: yeap! so dun bother argue! just at least one boat back! china punya... need bigger one to convince people!
S: told u... no space to accomodate it! sure break one! u think I only carry ur thing?
E: can one lah! tell them wrap nicely...
S: u stupid wan lah! I c whether I can get one lah... tell u first ... most probably I won't!
E: get it! else you will be walking home :P
S: I take taxi home lah! then I can keep ur mask! then u get nothing!
E: taxi there wait like hell one!
S: I wait ... wait ... wait ... also dowan to buy Made in China thingy!
E: go buy china! must get one!
S: I won't... my instinct tell me tat is stupid!
E: to you stupid only!
S: I donate the boat to the begger also they dowan!
E: too bad! we worse than begger here!

... and too long to continue liao, but you get the idea, right?

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