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Friday, November 25, 2005


It was a normal Friday afternoon, where me and my colleagues get to have a long lunch break (from 12.15 - 2.45pm). As usual, we strayed away from our usual lunch location to more special place. We chose a restaurant located along Jalan Ipoh (somewhere opposite Tan Chong) to have our lunch. The mee there is really delicious!

We finished everything on the table by 2.15pm and started heading back to the office. We saw a small crowd (about 10 people) along the sidewalk a few steps away from the restaurant. All of them were looking across the busy four lanes Jalan Ipoh. We guessed something must have happened, we thought is was an accident of some sort since that road is really busy! We stopped and could not see anything. Hence, my colleagues continued their way back while I headed to the bank a few blocks down to withdraw some money (to pay to one of the five weddings tomorrow).

Curiosity caught the better of me and I looked back repeatedly to check out what was going on as people were coming out of their shop lots as well. Few minutes later, I saw a small group of gangsters people (about 10 people, with 1-2 girls among them!) emerging from one of the lorong across the road. Two of them had their hands on what looks to me like an Indon guy (with his shirt off, luckily his pants are still on). They held the guy and pushed him across to my side of the road. I was too lazy to follow them since I am next in line to the ATM machine.

After doing my bank business, I headed back to office. On my way, I saw the same crowd again (how lucky?). This time the crowd is much bigger (about 40-50 people) and two police cars were there as well. People (I mean the KPC public) were directing traffic some more. Since I am no cat, so curiosity can't kill me. I detoured and went closer to have a clean look. All I could see were a big crowd surrounding something (I thought someone died as a result of some crime).

Soon, a policeman came out from the crowd with that Indon fella handcuffed to his back. A lady, whose carrying an unusually big handbag (size of a small luggage bag) was following them towards the police car. The girl suddenly cried a bit before they arrived at the car. After that, the KPC crowd dispersed (me included). I went back to the office and bragged about what I saw (while adding some Jackie Chan actions into the story) and teased my colleagues that did not catch any of the action.

According to my C.S.I. (Crime Scene I-come-I-see-I-report) experience, that idiot Indon guy must have snatched the girl’s big handbag under broad day light and was caught by some heroic by-passers (chased down a busy road into some small lorong some more). The girl was not injured as far as I can see except she must be in a state of shock since she only cried before she got on the car.

IMHO, you ladies and girls out there shouldn't carry a big handbag like that lah! For your safety sake, carry you purse only when you go out for lunch. Leave the big handbag locked in the office some where lah. It's not like snatch thieves are new in our country. And yet, people still ignorant about news reports and prefer to look trendy instead.

Another thing, that idiot Indon guy was quite stupid also. He is dumb enough to pull such a stunt in the middle of lunch hour, at a location that is surrounded by at least 5-6 gangsters' dent car workshops with fierce looking Hoong Hing members mechanics in all directions. In fact, they were the ones who managed to chase him down and brought him to our local brand of street justice! Fortunately, he was lucky enough not to get blood and bruises all over before the cops arrived!

There you go, your piece of gossip for the rest of the weekend...

p/s: just look at our little Judge Dred on his cool new bike!

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