Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, November 18, 2005

Our Little Fatso!

Our friends and relatives always refer me as the skinny one, and they probably wonder Little Skywalker will turn out like me. For the record, I was known as the chubby one when I was a kid, I think it must be all the sports and games I got involved during my school days that slimmed me down. Sigh! J also kept saying that I need to put on more weight. Heck! I even want to get fat. I thought of starting on beer but I hate the bitter taste.

Anyway, during our trip back to JB during the DeepaRaya holidays, I was shocked to discover some graphical proof that Little Skywalker used to be fat as well. I mean, look at the fatso's double chin! Is like he got some 1kg of fat hanging on his neck!

He really makes us proud!

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