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Friday, November 11, 2005


On Wednesday morning (around 3am), J's aunty gave birth to a baby boy, in addition to her three daughters. Everyone the family are happy for them as they were trying to get a boy for so long now. We thought she might deliver during our stay in JB last week, but alas, the baby decided to be punctual instead.

A slight background about J's uncle and aunty. Both of them are hardcore workers and seldom go on leave. All the three daughters are currently taken care of by J's parents. J's parents started taking care of them since they were born. The youngest one is already four years old by now. They are one of the reasons I like going back to my PIL's place so much.

As long as I can remember, J's uncle and aunty only fetch their children home every Saturday night (or public holiday eve), and will bring them back to my PIL evening the following day(which is less than 24 hours later). Even during the Raya holidays, the children had only be with them for less than two nights. If my calculations are correct, the girls spend less than 25% of their time with their parents throughout their entire life so far!

From my personal observation, the girls are quite reluctant to go back with their parents. They are even calling my FIL "ah x papa" (as he is very close to them) and their own father "ah y papa". At times, my MIL even use the threat of "we will send you home" in order to discipline them in their daily activities. One of the girls even refused to go home until she was about 3 years old!

With the new baby already born, my PIL refused to take care of another baby as they thought the three girls were already a huge responsibility. Hence, J's aunt had to get another babysitter in two months time before she goes back to her hard worker routine.

From the looks of it, the girls' parents are not afraid that their children grow up without their support and guidance. They are not jealous that the girls are more attached to my PIL. They dedicate their lives to their work and career by sacrificing their time with their own children. In the end of the day, are all those sacrifices worthwhile at all?

p/s: I am sorry for the lack of updates this week as I am all tied down with tonnes of work as my boss want me to complete something that could normally take at least 1 month in less than 1 week. Imagine that!!

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