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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Day As SAHM - Part 2

continue from Part 1...

I planned to bring him to the playground since he and egghead had great fun alone without me the last time. After our playground session, we will go to the shops opposite our taman to buy some breakfast for mummy. After changing, getting ready and opening the gate, I realised it was drizzling a little bit. Arghhh!! There goes my plan again! So I took the umbrella, put down our little ‘sports bag’ well equipped with water bottle, my purse, hand phone and handkerchief. No playground as no one goes to the playground with an umbrella, but we still can go buy breakfast. So I put Little Skywalker on with his cap, took out RM20, the umbrella and handkerchief and off we went to the ‘morning market’.

Little Skywalker liked the idea of walking in the rain a lot (or rather walking with an umbrella because the drizzling had almost stop by now). I hold him in one arm, and hold the umbrella with another. He would ‘help’ me to hold the umbrella all the time and tell me ‘la.. la..’(as in umbrella).

Once we reached the shop lots, I let Little Skywalker down to walk by himself. Being the ‘curious-and-cautious-self’ he is, he walked a few steps, stopped and touched people’s gate (a lot of shops not opened yet), and walked and stopped to look/touch the dirt on the floor. I kept telling him it’s dirty and don’t touch, but he ignored me and wondered off. I let him wander around a little while more before I picked him up and walked to the end of the shop lot where the morning market is. We end up buying some fruits (as dessert after his lunch), fried mihun-mee as my breakfast, a little pack of porridge as breakfast for Little Skywalker (because I suspected my porridge was not as nice and he didn’t want to eat :Þ), one bowl of 'tau fu fa' and two pieces of ‘loh mai chee’ as dessert/lunch for me.

The things were so heavy and were in so many small plastic bags. So I became a crazy woman who carried a baby in one arm, taking umbrella, with at least 5 packs of food/fruits in the other hand. It was so heavy that I need to put Little Skywalker down to walk. But he kept wandering off track and stopped at one point when he saw a few kids playing on the corridor. I let him play with them a while before picking him up again. The rain had stop, so I let Little Skywalker carry the umbrella for me. Yes, he is a very strong boy that he can carry a big umbrella for almost 200m of journey.

Back home, we played with toys for a while before we shared our food together. After breakfast, I bathed him, watched some TV, played toys again, ate the porridge I cook at around 11.30am. After his early lunch, I put him to sleep at around noon. I called Egghead to report to him and he told me to ask whether there will be enough room if we were to join them in PD tomorrow after work (Geee... When we were asked whether we wanted to join the trip he said don’t want and not possible, and I already planned things to do and to tidy up during the weekend.). After the phone call I quickly had my lunch – Curry Flavoured Maggi Mee cooked in microwave oven. By the time I finished washing the dishes, he was awake again. Yeah, he sleeps very little in the morning - about 15 minutes to half an hour at most.

We played together again for the rest of the afternoon and I put on the Cinderella DVD for him while feeding him with porridge again. He watched the show with full concentration for about half an hour before he gets bored. He fell asleep again around 3.30pm (maybe because I played too much with him) and I ended up watching the fairy tale while I checked his PD trip luggage that I have packed yesterday night. I took a quick nap together with him after that.

At about 5pm, my PIL came and picked up the sleepy little fellow to PD. He was happy to see them coming and happily followed them up the car. It was when I kissed him goodbye that he started crying and want to get off the car. Holding back my tears, I was thinking whether to go to PD tomorrow (my MIL said there is plenty of accommodation space) while waiting for Egghead to come home around half an hour later (Too bad Egghead didn’t had chance to say goodbye to Little Skywalker).

That ended my one day as SAHM...

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