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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When The Cat's Not Around...

Got a phone call from J when I was attending a conference yesterday (will blog about it later)...

J: Some fella call Melvin left a message on your saybox!
E: So?
J: That message was offensive and degrading to another blogger leh!
E: Is it?
J: Yeah... you better do something about it when you are back tomorrow!
E: Ok! No problem.

Came in this morning and saw that uncivilized remarks about my friend and worse, and her daughter too. The logical guess would be that he/she (or most probably a shim) got offended by my friend and found the need to return the favour. However, my best guess would be that this 'shim' fella could be a sore-loser to my friend in courting my friend's wife during the good old days. Now, he found the need to act like a mental psycho (or is he really acting?) out to attack my friend's daughter. Imagine, a grown up (I assumed, but probably lack of mature intellectual) firing salvo at a 1 year old girl! What a pathetic loser is 'shim'! Pick on someone your age and size lah!

Anyway, I did the only possible thing, that is the ban that shim's IP and name from posting anything in my saybox. I'm sorry that this 'shim' managed to attack on one of those rare days that I was away from the office and had no internet connection. I wish to remind any uncivilized minds out there to stay far away from here. There are many parents (*ahem) reading this blog, and I want to keep it that way. If you cannot get someone foolish enough to have children with you, probably you should go see a psychiatric and get some expensive consultation before you start going amok with a knief.

So... shuuuuu!!

p/s: I just heard from Jason that this low-life has been kacau-ing his blog as well as my friend's blog before this also

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