Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, November 18, 2005

Lost A War (打败战)

I've been on running nose the whole of yesterday. The number of tissues I used up are countless already. The sound of me blowing my watery nose can be heard throughout the whole office as I could care less when I am not even thinking straight. I guess the fact that no one came to hit me was that they were afraid of catching the flu themselves.

Back home, I was still blowing my nose, this time onto my son's diaper as the tissues are making my nose look like Rudolph. My mood swings are at their peak with me getting angry and frustrated easily when Little Skywalker refused to listen to anything I've said. I also gave J a hard time (so sorry) as she need to look after Little Skywalker's demands as well as doing the chores. Normally I will keep Little Skywalker away from disturbing J with either the TV or some mindless tricks that only he would laugh at.

The worst came when we were going to bed. I found out that I can hardly sleep lying down without all the nose saliva back-flowing to my throat. Hence, I had to sleep in a sitting position. Since Little Skywalker and J are not very heat tolerant, we kept the fan running as usual. I had to wear a jacket to prevent my condition from getting worse. I woke up around 4 something when my nose is already dried up. Finally I could lie down to have a couple of hours of sleep.

As I was about to lie down, I heard some sound coming from Little Skywalker's breathing. I guess he must have caught the flu from me as well. I didn't knew it was possible as I was keeping myself away from him all evening. I even faced the other direction when we slept. Poor little guy was another victim of nose problems.

I could hardly wake myself up this morning if not for J. I thought of taking MC for the day, but I remembered I need to attend "something very important" (will blog about it later if the outcome is positive) today after work. It would be foolish for me to cancel although I am having a red nose. So, here I am sitting in the office, half awake and writing this to help myself from being snoring away...

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