Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Stop Sucking!

Little Skywalker has been on breastfeeding since his birth (although the first few days was via a tube directly into his belly). J and I feel that breastfeeding is still the best way to go because he will get all the nutrients he needs. Of course that will save us quite a considerable amount of money as well for buying milk powder (stingy parents huh?). So far, J breastfeed him first thing when he wakes up in the morning and last thing before he goes to bed at night (something like brushing teeth). This is the only thing that remained unchanged since Little Skywalker was born.

After a year of fully breastfeeding, we've been wondering how to slowly get Little Skywalker off J's breast gradually until he is fully on formula milk when he is about 18 months or 2 years old. Lately, J and my mother have been feeding him both breast milk as well as formula. However, he seems to dislike the expensive formula we've got for him. It will take a long time and a lot of distractions for him to finish a single bottle of formula milk.

Yesterday in the car, I was talking to J...

E: I don't think your way of getting Little Skywalker off breastfeeding will work...
J: Really? Why?
E: Because you breastfeed him when he needed the most!
J: Like when?
E: Well... first thing in the morning and before he goes to bed...
J: No choice mah... or else can you stand his crying at night?
E: I understand. To me, breastfeeding is like getting hooked on drugs. How do you get someone off drug if you give him drug when he needed it the most?
J: Like drug ah? You sure? What do you suggest?
E: Well... I think the best time to do it is when we have a long break.
J: When?
E: I think the upcoming CNY is a good time, since we get like about 1 week holidays. Like that we can tahan a bit at night and not end up looking like a panda in the office.
J: Hmmm... maybe you are right!
E: I wonder how other mothers get their children off breastfeeding?
J: Maybe we should ask somebody?
E: Yeah... maybe I will write something tomorrow and get some feedback from other mothers!

So here I am asking, how do you (mothers out there) get your child off drugs breastfeeding?

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