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Monday, November 21, 2005

My Favourite Astro Channel!

Channel 999: Playhouse Skywalker

Imagine And Learn with Playhouse Skywalker Channel – a brand new preschool channel designed to engage and stimulate the naughty imaginations of your little ones. Targeted specifically at kids aged 1 – 5, without their parents and caregivers' supervision. Playhouse Skywalker Channel features age-non-appropriate, award-winning programmes and internationally hosted activity segments that help develop your child’s early naughty and self-destructive skills.

As a special treat for all our young viewers, Playhouse Skywalker Channel presents an afternoon of movies, kicking off with Huff Huff Huff: How to Pee As You Wished at 1pm, followed by the Dummies Guide to Make Your Parents' Life Miserable at 2:30pm. Then it's off to more adventures at Making Them Pay for Having Fun in Bed at 3:30pm!

Subscribe NOW to this channel for RM99.95!
To subscribe, call 03-9543 9999 or click SUBSCRIBE NOW to order online.

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