Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, November 25, 2005

Small Talk

E: 要不要 gai gai? [do you wanna go out?]
L: 要! [yes!] (*keep nodding and went towards the door)

J: 要不要 milk milk? [do you want milk?] (*point to the milk bottle)
L: 不要不要不要 [no no no] (*keep shaking his head)

J: 伟伟乖吗? [are you a good boy?]
L: 乖! [good]
J: 有没有乖? [got good boy or not?]
L: 有.. 有.. [got.. got..]

J: Oh.. 坏了.. [spoil already]
L: Ohhhhhhhh..
J: 要不要 repair? [want to repair or not?]
L: pair pair.. (*looking around for a screw-driver)

J: 你要什么? [what do you want?]
L: Nen nen / milk milk
J: 真的吗? [really?]
L: 真! [really!]
J: 一定要吗? [you sure?]
L: 一定! [sure!]
J: Say mummy please first..
L: Mummy!!
J: Please..
L: pee..ssst
J: give..
L: gaaapuuh!
J: give what?
L: Nen nen / milk milk (*already lying down in a breastfeeding position by himself)

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