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Thursday, December 15, 2005

1U & TGI Friday's

It's a weekday, but J wanted to get a nice dress for her company's upcoming 20th anniversary dinner and the remaining wedding dinners that we're going to attend in the coming weeks. We decided to go to 1U to get her dress because she has a RM50 Padini cash voucher at her dispense and the nearest Padini outlet is at 1U. As luck has it, my parents did not managed to cook dinner. Hence, we brought Little Skywalker along for dinner and shopping.

As we turned into the junction to 1U, we saw the much talkabout TGI Friday's restaurant under the bridge between the old and new wing. We decided to give it a go. Don't worry, this is not going to be a food review. Just call it a dining experience :P

As we enter the TGI, we are being shown to the end of the restaurant where the non-smoking area is. This comes as a surprise to me as I had to walk down a long hallway full of cigarette smell. Shouldn't they ask the smokers to smoke outside the restaurant? Anyhow, it made me realize that we are still in Malaysia and this is how things work here. The hell with the "Tak Nak" thingy!

Since this is our first time at TGI, we took quite some time to go through the entire menu and make a selection. We ordered out drinks first in order not to keep our friend waiter lady waiting for too long. I asked for a watermelon juice while J went for the pineapple sunshine. The newly added specials on the menu were shrimps but neither of us want that. Instead, we went for two RM39.90 three course meals. That way, we get appetizers, main course and desert all in one.

The appetizers were great! We got a plate of Fried Mozzarella and a plate of Fried Calamari. The calamaris were great and the mozzarella taste like pizza. To be honest, we were about half-full even before our main course dishes arrived. We took a long time for our appetizers as Little Skywalker did not want to sit still for his porridge (home cook) but decided to run about. I guess he is excited with the new dining place as compared to our usual place.

Our nice waiter saw us having problems enjoying the food and offered to look after our little monkey. She was also showing much interest in Little Skywalker when he started dancing to the live band music. She even called other waiters to come and watch Little Skywalker's free show! Later, they gave him a balloon as a token of appreciation for entertaining them.

Meanwhile, our main course arrived. J got her Bruschetta Chicken Pasta while I had Fish and Chips. From the minute the food were served on the table, we knew there was no way we could finish all of that after those heavy appetizers. Anyhow, we still managed to finish about 70% of what was on our plate. J also "ta bao" a big piece of my fish and her two big pieces of garlic bread as her breakfast this morning.

I guess the waiter must have seen us doing our little take-away. "Do you want your desert here or take-away?", she asked when I signal her for the rest of our meal. We felt so relieved as we could not possibly wrap a piece of chocolate malt cake and a mocha mud pie with a piece of tissue like we did with the rest. So, we walked out of TGI with a big plastic bag with our leftovers in it.

After our heavy dinner, we (or rather J) went to the Padini outlet at the old wing to search for J's dress. Unfortunately, she did not find anything that she likes there. However, she managed to find a top that she wanted in Jusco's Padini section instead. When she wanted to pay for it, the salesperson there told her that her voucher will not be usable there as they are under Jusco. If we want, we could walk all the way to the new wing where there is a Padini Concept Store where the same dress can be found as well.

Since we did not want to come all the way for nothing, we had no choice but to walk all the way across to the new wing (knowing we had to walk all the way back again to our car). Little Skywalker was already very restless since he was already sleeping in car before we arrived. I had a big problem carrying him as he wanted to get down to the floor every time we pass by an escalator. Yes, he has a thing for the escalator!

At the third Padini store, J has no problem finding her dress (I spotted it for her on a mannequin). Unfortunately, there was too few fitting rooms around (so much for a concept store). She has to wait for 10 minutes before a salesgirl showed her to another fitting room further away. After trying it on, she went straight to the cashier.

We wanted to head back to our car as it was already close to 9pm and Little Skywalker started to crave for his mother's breast. We passed by the centre of the new wing and we heard some choir singing Christmas carols. We stopped and listen for 15 minutes before we walk all the way (again) back to our car.

It was indeed an exhausting evening...

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