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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Unanswered Questions

As most of you already knew, yesterday was a Selangor holiday. Since J's office is located at Batu Caves, she got the day off while I have to work. Although she has considered going back to her office to rush up some work, but she decided to be a SAHM for another day. Just when she was about to put Little Skywalker in the pool, she received a call from her father-in-law. The following were some questions that were posed to her throughout the phone conversation:

  1. Whether there is anything wrong with me?
  2. Have I reached the 'bottle-neck' stage of my life?
  3. Is there anything wrong with my health? (As I always looked tired and lifeless)
  4. Why can't I do anything for myself (including getting my own rice and washing the dishes)?
  5. Why didn't I talk about my problems with them?
  6. Why can't I be more humble in my attitude when I talk to others?
  7. Did I watch "贤途有你" on Astro?
  8. Why didn't I help out at their home? (they were re-painting the whole house in preparation due to my brother's wedding)

p/s: I, me and myself = Little Skywalker's father!

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