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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Pool of Fun!

I went to J's office and sat there until her half day office is over. While sitting there, I recalled the Giant's advertisement on a smaller inflatable pool (about 150cm in diameter) which is selling at RM14! I gave it a few thoughts and "suggested" to J that we grab this one. The previous one we got for Little Skywalker early this year was too huge (about 3-4 times the size of this one) and it is sitting in spare room now, taking up 80% of the space. I guess that is the price we pay for being kiasu (it was selling at 70% off that time!).

After J got off her work, we went to the Giant at Batu Caves straight away and grabbed one within 15 minutes. We got it home and started inflating it for Little Skywalker to have some fun! Little Skywalker was really excited that he was already walking about in the pool even before I started filling in water. One of the reason we dislike the huge pool we had is that it takes a long time to fill up the pool to the level that Little Skywalker liked. With this smaller one, we can fill it up within 15-20 minutes.

We also threw in a bunch of inflatable toys that came with the huge pool previously. He was having the time of his own inside the pool. He splashed water at himself and at his parents. He stepped on the water like a Sumo wrestler and watched the water splashed up. We were standing by at his side all the time to prevent him tripping over the sides on the pool and hit his head on the floor. I guess this is much better than the PD swimming pool where his legs cannot even reached the floor of the pool and we had to carry him and swim. By the way, he hates those floats we got him. He would climb out of it and jump into the water instead.

After 20 minutes of fun, our opposite neighbour (whose younger son is Little Skywalker's playmate) saw the excitement and came over along with her son. Before we know it, her son was already in the pool fully naked (as she didn't bring any underwear for him). The two little guys were having the time of their lives splashing at each other. Little Skywalker's friend was quite shy and not as hyperactive as him. He just sat there and move about his hands. Our son on the other hand, never took a moment to sit still and rest. He was walking and crawling (his way of swimming) about in the pool and shouting all the time.

At one point, he filled his plastic cup with water and poured it over his friend repeatedly! J saw that (I was busy with the camera of course!) and took the cup away. Then she filled it with water and poured them over Little Skywalker as a form of punishment! What a mother, supporting other people instead of her son pulak! You can see Little Skywalker closing his eyes and everything when J did that to him. As if Little Skywalker could care less about what his mother is trying to tell him, he continued pouring water over his friend right after.

Our next door neighbour (also with a son about the same age but younger) also heard the excitement and brought their son over to see what the fuss is all about! Unfortunately, they didn't put their son into the pool with the two wild babies as their son had just waked up from his afternoon nap, and was still in a sleepy mode. They just stand by the pool and watched the two monkeys (actually only one monkey as the other one was just sitting there all the time) playing with water.

They played in the pool for more than an hour before our neighbour decided to bring her son out of the pool. Her son was already sneezing a bit. I guess is because he is just sitting there unlike our little monkey who was frantically walking, jumping and crawling all over the pool. After they left, we let Little Skywalker spent some more time in the pool before he finally got tired and decided to get out of the pool by himself! All that was left in the pool was his underwear...

I think we got our money well spent on the pool. Firstly, Little Skywalker can swim in his own pool without us sneaking him (and the rest of his stuff) into one of the condominiums up the hill and swim in their pool. Secondly, it will help us to get pass our minimum water bill charges. Thirdly, we can have more time resting after Little Skywalker exhausted himself by playing in the pool. He normally sleep like a log after that, hence we get our once a week afternoon nap with him.

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