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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Doggy-Stroke Swimming...

It's been a few months already since we last brought Little Skywalker to swim in a swimming pool. This is very much due to the fact that we actually bought him a big huge inflatable pool at home during a Jaya Jusco sale. Since all the inflatables were selling at a 70% discount, stingy people like me and J decided to get the biggest one available. It took me almost an hour to inflate the pool and all the toy stuff that came with it. And now we are stuck with a big pool taking up space in the store room :(

We usually bring Little Skywalker to the swimming pool at Seri Puri condominium nearby our house (but up a hill). I have a friend who lives there, she gave me her condo's address just in case the guard ask. Fortunately, the guard will let me by with just a hand-wave from me when I pass by the entrance. You see... this hand-waving gesture really got me through a lot of gates, including government offices and guarded residence. Little Skywalker has been there two times before.

Last Sunday's visit was a third charm for Little Skywalker. The weather was cloudy and we could hear thunder a bit as we got up the car. Fortunately it didn't rain at all. There were about more than ten people around the pool when we arrived. J decided to bring Little Skywalker for a warm-up session in the children's pool first. Little Skywalker was already so excited that he wanted to let himself loose and jump into the pool himself while J was changing him into his cute little underwear swimming trunk.

After J loose all her clothes (with her "bikini" under her clothes of course :P), she slowly dip herself and Little Skywalker in the water. The last time he was here, his feet weren't even long enough to reach the floor while keeping his head above the water. But this time, he was able to stand with his tummy above the water. So either the water they put in was too little (due to water ration?) or Little Skywalker has really grown since our last visit (I think it was like 5-6 months ago).

We tried to put him on a float (the kind that allows him to sit in it) but he tried to climb out instead since he was able to stand and walk in the pool. J had a tough time preventing him from slipping and fall while I was busy taking shots of my sexy wife and cute but naughty son. At one point, J was holding him and teaching him the "doggy-style-stroke" and he even made the "woff! woff!" sound while pedaling himself.

There were a couple with his two kids (much older) in the children pool as well, with toys. Since we are so absent minded and forgot to bring any toys for our dear son, he went on to snatch theirs instead. Fortunately, his new-found "friends" were kind enough to let him play. Or else, I might have to drown them :P

After some time walking about in the children pool, it was my turn to bring him to the adult pool instead. We tried to help him put on floats around his arm, but he still resisted and tried all ways to push it off. In the end, we gave up and I carried him down the water instead. We had a great time inside the adult pool although Little Skywalker did drank some amount of pool water, and choked himself a few times.

After an hour or so in the water, we decided to pack our stuff and head home. I woke up with sore muscles all over my body due to my few laps of breast-stroke only. Sigh! I really need to swim more often to get back in shape. I guess blogging can only help my brain fingers so much.

Anyone has a gym membership that I could "borrow"??

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