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Monday, September 12, 2005

Bloggers Night Out - Part 1

Until last weekend, I still regretted not having to make it to Jason's mini bloggers gathering at Mid Valley. Hence, I planned to have a small-mini-micro-tiny-teeny-whinny gathering of my own. I have just made "first contact" with Loc Kee (or widely known as Uncle Loc) by his friends through the miracle of Yahoo Messenger. I figured out his has an ID through his email address (smart leh :P).

We talked for a while before deciding to meet up for a meal or something. After some lengthy negotiations (lasted for 2-3 days), we've finally decided to meet up over a dinner at my usual steakhouse (Milwaukee Steakhouse) at Metro Prima on Saturday evening. Loc Kee also suggested that we go to the Menjalara Tang Lung Festival after that.

And then came Saturday evening, the designated time for our dinner meeting was at 7pm. J and I arrived around 7pm and got us a table for six. Actually, I wasn't sure Loc Kee was going to "let us fly aeroplane" or not since we didn't confirmed anything through the phone before that. After 15 minutes of waiting, I called Loc Kee's mobile number few times but there wasn't anyone answering. We began to feel worried that he might not make it and it is embarrasing to have book a big table with just three (two and half actually) people.

It was close to 7.25pm before I made another call to Loc Kee. This time he picked up the call and told me that he was about three minutes away and asked us not to wait for him and start eating. Well, J and I decided to do the decent thing to wait until everyone is present before we start ordering (like what our parents taught us :P). Loc Kee arrived in the company of his wife and of course their cute little Sweet Sweet.

After we ordered, we began some brief introduction of the wives and kids. Actually, Loc Kee didn't even mentioned his name until now (is your name really Loc Kee?), and me neither, LOL! Loc Kee's Sweet Sweet was quite shy and quietly sitting on her baby chair while our Little Skywalker was directly the opposite. He was standing on his baby chair and asking to be let down on the floor to walk. J and I had a very busy time following him every where he went.

As our dinner progressed, Loc Kee was quiet busy on his phone (like a big-time boss). He told me later that another fellow blogger, Milly (who also live at Kepong area) will also be joining us later at the Tang Lung festival. I was quite excited to hear about that! Loc Kee will be fetching her later from the KTM station after dinner.

Little Sweet Sweet was very well trained in her dining method from our viewpoint. At least she can hold a carrot on her hand and eat by herself. She even knows how to use the spoon (or was it a fork) to scoop food into her mouth. Such table manners really put us our Little Skywalker to shame. Well, that serves us right for spoon feeding our son and treat him like the King he is at home. Maybe we should start forcing teaching him how to feed himself from now on.

Little Skywalker was also very intrigued by Sweet Sweet's drinking bottle which has a straw-sucking machanism instead of a milk bottle suckhead like his. He nearly wanted to drink from her bottle before J managed to put a stop to it. Since Little Skywalker started learning how to suck from a straw a few months ago, we should have change his bottle so that he don't have to drink with his face staring in the air. Another example of how stupid and absent minded his "young" parents are...

We finished our dinner around 9pm and continued our gathering to the next stop, Menjalara Tang Lung festival...

To be continued...

p/s: you might have noticed that there isn't any picture taken so far for this little gathering. The main reason is because this blogger (the egghead he is) forgot to bring his camera along due to all the childish excitement I guess.

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