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Friday, December 16, 2005

Secret Santa

I was chatting with a friend last week through IM as usual. She was telling me that she and a few of her colleagues were doing a charity drive for an orphanage in view of the Christmas spirit. Their plan was to collect donation from people, and use the money to buy presents for the children at Pure Life Society. The people who donate get to choose which children are to receive their presents. They get to pick from a list of children living at the orphanage. The card will also specify from whom the presents are from.

I thought this is a noble idea to help children, instead of people just coming and asking me for money every weekend when we are having breakfast at food stalls. Not that I don't trust people, is just that I would rather buy something or do something to help people instead of donating cash which could be spent for other purposes than for the children. Furthermore, playing secret Santa for the first time sounds like fun to me!

Without thinking further, I made a small pledge. Since I do not know the children, I asked her to pick a kid for me that match my criteria - the youngest girl. It is sad to know that most of the children are Indians, some of them lost their parents and some of them are victims of child abuse. I certainly hope they are being well taken care now. A Christmas present will help lift their spirits especially during a time when others are spending time with their families.

A week later, my friend told me that she has bought the presents with my donation (with some money left to spare). She had also helped me to choose a kid. The youngest kid is 2 but someone else has already donated to her. The next one will be a 9 year old girl. In fact, she chose three children, two boy and a girl, (just got to know 1 minute ago) for the gifts instead. They are all 10 years old. The reason being that there are 22 other children with no presents and my donation is enough to buy presents for three kids. She also emailed me a picture of the presents that she bought. I hope the little girl all of them will be happy to receive those gifts.

So, here's to you, Pravindran, Shahrul and Shareni...

Merry Christmas! From your secret Santas (Egghead, J and Little Skywalker)...

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