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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Surprise! Surprise! - Part 2

After dropping J at work last Saturday morning, I went Ikano to meet up with the mother of two Belles. This would be the first time I've been to Ikano (with all the tolls and jam) since my last visit to Ikea a year ago. I need to ask for directions from a few salesgirls before I could find the food court. I intended to finish reading the newspaper and my coffee before the Double Happiness family arrive, but they arrived soon before I could even warm my seat.

I am happy to see Twinsdad, Twinsmom, Twinsmom's SIL and the two highly active Belles again! It's been three months since our last meeting, and I must say they have grown a lot. As Twinsdad and his sister were ordering their lunch, Twinsmom handed me the envelope with 10kg of marijuana in it, plus a Christmas present for Little Skywalker (don't be jealous heh!). Since she was given such short notice to come up with the design as well as the product, she did not have much time for the packaging. For a guy like me, I could care less since J will be wearing the "merchandise" a few hours later.

I was quite surprised to see the simple and yet elegant design of the necklace. It came with a matching pair of ear rings as well. They were so much better than those gold and silver stuff J received during our wedding a few years ago (which has been locked away in a safe guarded by machine-gun-robots). I must take my hat off to Twinsmom for her incredible talents in terms of product design and craftsmanship. (You can also read another review from one of her other recent client that I know to get what I mean)

I felt so "pai seh" for not bringing any gifts (见面礼) for the two Belles (you know how bad guys are with gifts, plus I could not ask J for opinions). However, I did bring something for Twinsmom instead. It's not a gift, but sort of like a permanent loaner thingy. She can keep it as long as she wants. Sorry to Annabelle and Isabelle, uncle Egghead will bring you some nice gifts next time!

Meanwhile, the two Belles were very active and running back and forth between our table and the food stores. For some unknown reason, the food sellers were very slow in preparing their food. It was also the first time that I've noticed that the two Belles are non-identical twins! I've seen their photos many times before, and yet I didn't noticed it. It must have been Twinsmom's fault for dressing them in same clothing and same hair style (FYI, J was just as surprised when I told her later!).

After a few minutes of looking at the Belles running about while waiting for food, I saw a clown walking about outside the food court and he was giving away balloons to the kids. Isabelle must have saw it too as she suddenly stood still with her eyes looking towards the clown's direction. I guessed she also wanted one of those colorful balloons. Since everyone were away pressuring the food sellers for their food, I gently guided Isabelle and walked towards the clown and stood with her while we waited. Annabelle came later with Twinsmom and Twinsdad chasing from behind.

The two belles were very happy to get a flower shaped balloon later. The food finally arrived after more than 15 minutes of waiting. Isabelle was a very "guai" girl and she ate anything that was on her plate. She even took some of Twinsdad's spicy food after that. Twinsmom said that she will eat a bit, drink a lot of water, then continue eating. Annabelle on the other hand, wasn't too keen on food though. Her parents needed to remind her several times before she started to eat (with an unhappy face). I guess this is how Twinsmom differentiate the twins easily.

Since I had to rush to Pudu bus stop to fetch a relative at noon, I had to say goodbye to everyone. I was so in a hurry I forgot to thank Twinsmom for the gift to Little Skywalker ("Thank you ah!"). This absent minded father also took almost 15 minutes to find his car because he misplaced his memory implant. I remembered the parking lot number, but got the floor number wrong. Why can't they include the floor number in the parking lot number as well? Sigh!

I passed the "envelope" to J in the car when I picked her up before heading towards Pudu, and told her it was a Christmas present from my client that morning . She was quite surprised at the thoughtfulness of my clients as it should be me giving the client something instead. She was more surprised to see the beautiful lady-like package bag as I told her that the gift was meant for her (I mean how weird is it to give something to other people's wife?).

J only started to suspect something was amiss when she opened the wrapping paper and saw the necklace and ear rings. It was then I told her the whole master plan of my surprise gift to her. She totally love the design and the crystals! I felt so relieved since she did not manage to pick out anything from the jewelry site and I totally depended on the famous jeweler to craft something out that matches J's taste. It's amazing how one woman could sniff the taste of another woman. J called Twinsmom later to thank her and expressed her fondness of the necklace and ear rings.

Alas, she has something to wear for her company's 20th anniversary dinner the same evening. She was quite worried the day before as she is not used to dressing up for a big party (大场面) and she don't put on any make-up either. I suggested her to wear her black dress a day earlier (knowing fully well that the crystal necklace will stand out even more with it). She will also be wearing the same necklace and ear rings to the four wedding dinners (two for my brother and two for her brother) that we are going to attend this coming weekend. Now, that's what you call a worthy buy!

So, what do you think? Am I a BIG LIAR person full of surprises or what?

p/s: All ladies (who want to pressure their hubby for a piece of jewelry) and gentlemen (who want to score big time like me) should pay a visit to The Jewel Mine now! You've got five more days before your spouse/girlfriend smack you in the head for not getting her anything this Christmas!

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