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Monday, January 23, 2006

Talk About Bad Gifts...

My son was invited to a birthday party by that funny mummy whose job was to hunt down people's head (head-hunter). As a proud tradition of mankind, we planned to bring along a present in "exchange" or the free lunch at Burger King. We were supposed to get the present on Saturday evening when we went shopping at Tesco, but I guess we were distracted by the crazy kiasu crowd there. I mean they basically killing each other over some boxes of so-called honey mandarin and soft drinks. So much for developed mindset!

J and I brought Little Skywalker to have our breakfast at Jusco on Sunday morning around 11am as well as to buy a birthday present. Probably due to the "traumatic" experience the night before, I got the gender of the birthday person all wrong! I thought it was Reeve's (her son who was actually just over 16 months old) third birthday instead of Renee (her daughter). We ended up getting the wrong stuff! Served me right for reading over 30+ of parents' blogs daily and get mixed up with all the names of the "little people".

It was not until we arrived at Burger King that J realized my HUGE mistake! Being stucked between making a total ass of ourselves and giving Renee a "weird" present, we chose the former. Fortunately that funny mommy emphasized repeatedly when she invited us about "NO GIFTS!". Or else, we might have just took off immediately!

The party was great! (I totally recommend her as a party planner!) I got to meet up with other bloggers including r&r mami, Ray Ern's mum and Lauren's mum for the first time. Although we did not talked much (probably feeling too pai seh for "not bringing any present!") and spent most of the time chasing after hyperactive kids around, we enjoyed it very much (you can read more about it here). Little Skywalker was his sociable self as usual, he hugged almost all the children that were present at the party and made many new friends. Other mommies were quite convinced about what I wrote previously how Little Skywalker is not afraid of strangers.

Later at night, we were deciding on what to do with the "bad gift" that we bought. Unfortunately for poor souls like us, shopping malls in Malaysia do not have any return policy. Or else, we would have exchanged it for a Barbie doll or something more girly for cute little Renee. Finally, I decided to keep the present for myself and get another replacement gift for Renee later. As you can see, we actually bought a remote control F1 car intended for a three year old boy! Too bad it never reached its intended recipient...

After putting in the batteries, I tried out remote car in front of Little Skywalker. He was quite ecstatic and scared at the same time. After a few minutes of careful maneuvering, I finally calmed him down as he watched me "drove" happily around the house for the next 10 minutes (I guess boys will be boys... forever!).

As I took a break from "driving", J decided to take over the steering wheel and continued my task of entertaining Little Skywalker. She made the car go around him in circular pattern instead. Little Skywalker was spinning himself (and laughing all the way) while locking his eyes on the car as well.

A few seconds later, something horrible happened! I did not witness the event as I had my back facing them. All I heard was Little Skywalker crying! I guess the poor guy must be feeling dizzy and sick from all the spinning and fell on the floor. (Lesson learned: never let a mummy behind the wheel of an F1 car!) On the bright side, he only fell sitting down on his ass. Unfortunately, he landed on the F1 car and got bruised on his thigh! As you can see from the picture, it looked as if it crashed into a wall and damaged it's front wheel! It's such a pity that my new toy didn't survived even 30 minutes after coming out of it's box...

Served me right for buying the wrong present!

p/s: Sorry Renee, u.Egghead learned his lesson :(

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