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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yam Seng 2 - KL (Part 2)

We went home for an afternoon nap after all the traditional wedding ceremonies earlier. We were reminded to gather at my parents' house again around 5pm as we need to be assigned our evening shift. Little Skywalker also took a long nap with us after doing his "important" part for the lucky couple.

Later in the evening, we were assigned the task of organizing the seating arrangements for our guests. We wrote some simple wordings like "In-Laws", "Kampung Folks", "School Friends", "Colleagues" and "Ex-colleagues" on some card boards (made out of extra wedding invitations) to be placed on each table. I had a tough time assigning tables to each groups as I do not want to offend anyone, especially our relatives. Being the eldest son, you would think that I know all of our relatives. But seriously, I don't, but I did the best that I could.

The wedding dinner was held at the same restaurant where J and I threw a family dinner for Little Skywalker's one year old birthday. I decided to held it there as a food tasting session before my family made a decision on the venue of this wedding dinner. I was coordinating "our team" in showing our VIP and not-so-VIP guests to their seats. J were busy chasing Little Skywalker around the restaurant as he did not wanna sit still (duh!).

Little Skywalker did a funny thing while he was walking around the restaurant. I guess he must have seen me writing on those little card boards and putting them on each table. He decided to hold a pen on one hand while a card on the other and walked around as if he is registering the names of all the guests. He pretended to write something on the card while he is walking as well. What an actor!

Our guests are quite "punctual" as most of them already arrived before 8pm (with KL in a different time-zone and all). We informed the bride and groom to hop on their car en route to the restaurant. The bridge was in a green (or was it yellow) evening gown while the groom was in a white jacket with a greyish tie. They made a grand entrance (again!) to their table with the wedding march music playing in the background and applause from the audience.

The food was served as usual. Little Skywalker had another two bowls of shark's fin soup (again!). J and I were seated together with some of my brother's ex-colleague. Being the official camera man, I had to go round each table to take a snap-shot of all the guests that attended the dinner. I guess I am the last person the auditor would look for if they suspect anyone of not paying up. What can be more convincing other than a visual proof? LOL!

The event came to it's highlight when it was time to yam-seng (again!). The restaurant owner-cum-MC went up to the stage and stole the lime-light. He invited my mother on the stage first to crack a few jokes. Subsequently, both my parents together with the bride's parents were invited up to the stage as well. Normally, the eldest son (me being) would be needed on stage as well. However, I was the camera man and the stage wasn't big enough for everyone, I just stood in front of the stage with my back facing everyone :P

The couple had their yam seng (3x) and cake-cutting ceremony before both parents went off the stage as the MC requested the couple to remain where they are. The highlight reaches it's peak when the MC cracked another round of jokes and he requested the couples to kiss in the end. My brother and his wife kissed for less than a second upon request (most probably on the surface of their lips only).

The MC then requested for another "chance" to be given to the newly-wed couple for a longer and "wetter" kiss. Succumbing to pressure from the "audience" (with no less shouting from me of course), they kissed another time, but this time it lasted more than 5 seconds (with some help from me for the delay in pressing the snap button on my camera). I told J that I am selling that particular photo for a big sum enough to cover my financial losses for the wedding.

The dinner ended around 10pm and the guests are starting to leave. As usual, we (I mean my parents and the celebrated couple) would line up in front of the restaurant to thank all our relatives and friends for attending the dinner and their generous contributions. After everyone left, we stayed back a while to collect all the unopened wine, soft drinks and mineral water to be brought home. Being the kind little guy he is, Little Skywalker saw us carrying the bottles and decided to help out too!

There went my brother's fairytale wedding and they live happily ever after... THE END!

Next stop: Seremban

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