Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Moon! Moon!

Little Skywalker was playing with his magnetic dust drawing board in the living hall one afternoon. J and I were doing some house work (mine was probably watching TV). Out of the blue, Little Skywalker came running towards and kept yelling, "Moon! Moon!". Despite being proud at his perfect pronunciation, we were still puzzled as to how he managed to catch a glimpse of any moon in the middle of the day, not to mentioned being indoor.

As we were still hanging by our jaws trying to figure out the situation, Little Skywalker persisted with his "Moon! Moon!" chant and tried to pull us by our fingers to see "his moon"...

Voila! "His Moon"!

p/s: This Luke van Gogh masterpiece entitled "His Moon" is being auctioned at RM1 million!

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