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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Genting Trip - Part 2

After our little off-track shopping spree, we continued our journey to Genting. The drive up to the top of the hill was a tedious one. Pity goes to my poor 1.3 Wira who only managed to move up a steep slope at a mere 20-30km/h. Little Skywalker was very excited this time around as he did not sleep throughout the whole journey as he usually does. He kept looking out the windows and calling stuff as he sees them.

It took us about 30 minutes to reach our designated accommodation, Theme Park Hotel.

It was already about 1pm when we arrived. The car park was more or less full due to peak season the day before. I dropped off J and Little Skywalker near the entrance and asked them to check-in first while I continue searching for a parking spot. After two rounds of driving around the parking area, I've managed to hunt down spot a car leaving and took his spot.

Since we brought quite a bit of luggage (as we always does), it will take about 3 rounds for me to unload everything. Anyway, I decided to do it slowly since we don't need all of our stuff right away. When I entered the hotel, J and Little Skywalker was already on their way to our room. Unfortunately, we did not get a room facing the theme park like we did the last time around, we got a room facing the main road instead :(

Thanks to a nice bell man, he helped me to load all our luggage to a big trolley and pushed them all the way to our room. We did not know how much to tip him, so we didn't (look how stingy we are... LOL). Our room was not cleaned yet by the time we arrive, the cleaners were just opposite cleaning another vacant room. I guess our room was next.

We let Little Skywalker set his feet on the ground and walk around the room. To our surprise, the little guy went out of our room and approached the cleaning ladies instead. Maybe he had a thing for them. He even called them "kakak!". That was a shock to both J and I since we've never taught him such word and we do not hire a maid. As they came and cleaned our room, Little Skywalker kept on stalking following them and calling them "kakak" again. What a cute little fella! Those ladies also liked him a lot. Too bad they didn't leave some rose petals on our beds..

After a shower and change of clothing (also a quick suck on mummy's nipple for Little Skywalker), the three of us headed straight to the outdoor theme park for our lunch and followed by a day of fun!

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