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Friday, December 02, 2005


We were talking in the car, on the way back from J's vegetarian wedding dinner at a Buddhist temple near Brickfields area...

E: Eh... was that you taking photos when you were coming out of the temple? (saw some flash)
J: Yeah! But I don't know how to use your camera ler...
E: That's why ler... don't wanna learn is like that lor :P
J: Eh! You know what my friend (who is a baru graduated doctor) say just now?
E: No! Not another wedding!! (*shaking head in disbelieve)
J: No lah... but I think soon also... she asked me whether I playback those "Ami-Taba chanting" to Little Skywalker.
E: What? LOL! Why she says that?
J: She said is good for the child one wor... she say children who listen to this "music" will grow up being more clever than others one wor...
E: What?? What kind of baloney crap is that? And she calls herself a doctor?
J: Yeah lor... I also wonder how she can become like that...
E: Does she prescribe those "Ami-Taba" CDs or tapes to every patient that sees her in the clinic?
J: Maybe hor :P
E: I think we found a breakthrough cure for cancer and AIDS here!

J: And you know what? She also asked one of my friends that is working in a kindergarten whether they play "Ami-Taba" to the kids there!
E: (*roll eyes) Man... there is always at least one of such people (regardless the religion) at every gathering...

Now you see why I don't like to go to a wedding dinner or any private functions held at a temple, church (except church weddings), and mosque. Is not just because of the food ler :P

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