Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Sleep

For the past two weeks, J and I were not getting enough sleeping hours at all! Little Skywalker refused to sleep unless it was well past midnight. Since we wake up around 5am every morning, we are getting less than five hours of rest a day!

Things got worse for the past few days when Little Skywalker demanded to go downstairs and watch his Wiggles after we read him his bedtime stories. He would cry, yell, drag his mother's shirt and create a big dramatic scene until one of us relented. Being a hot tempered guy, I will get really riled up with his stubborn behavior (well, I guess we were to blamed). Unfortunately, he just gets worse if we were to shout or spank him.

One good thing we got out of this is that he is starting to sleep by himself without breastfeeding. I guess he is just exhausted from all his wailing and struggling. We really don't know what to do with his newfound night-owl activity. Yesterday, I had to spend more than 30 minutes talking to him and slowly divert his attention so that J can have some sleep. I ended up with a sore throat this morning.

More importantly, I hate to imagine how not-having-enough-sleep will do to J's pregnancy...

p/s: touch wood, touch wood, touch wood (x100)...

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