Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, November 17, 2006

Little Piggy On The Way!

It all started when Little Skywalker mentioned something on our final day at Bali. Subsequently, J started to feel nauseous on the plane. Well, since she has the problem of feeling nauseous even when I am driving, so we thought it was probably due to Little Skywalker's active behaviour on the plane that was causing it. Finally, she threw up at the wash basin in the toilet (she forgot there was a toilet bowl) right after we landed.

Her problem persisted the next day and we suspected she has a "problem". Hence, we went to a nearby pharmacy to get a "diagnostic kit" on our way back from work the next evening. After drinking enough water throughout the whole evening, she managed to do a self-diagnostic in the comfort of our own toilet.

The result?

Yes, she has been diagnosed with a nine month long "illness" that will most likely add more "burden" on her body. Although the original plan was to have our second one born on early 2008, a few months earlier wouldn't matter.

What was Little Skywalker's reaction to the news?

I guess he blames me for it... LOL!

p/s: "Mummy's tummy got baby liao!", that was what he told us excitedly back at Bali. Coincidence?

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