Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, November 16, 2006


At first...

I thought I had everything planned out between my office and freelance jobs.

I thought I would be able to complete everything well ahead of my datelines.

I thought I will be able to impress my clients.

I thought I will be cashing in by now.

I thought I will be...

BUT instead...

I got my ass flew down to Singapore for a conference for two working days!

I got sick in the middle of the conference and almost fainted in the toilet!

I got MC-ed yesterday!

I got dragged in to another project due to the incompetency of some idiot!

I had to re-schedule all my stuff, but will still finish ahead of datelines!

I am still feeling dizzy and body temperature is on the rise!

p/s: Sorry for the mumbling, check back tomorrow for some good news!

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