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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rojakz Needs Your Help!

This is a public announcement!

Wingz and his tok-kok geng are organizing a major and grand gathering for Malaysia bloggers. His original "band of brothers" kena disbanded due to many incidences of FFK cases going on. Hence, he is recruiting new people (who don't FFK) with the necessary skills to help organize the event.

At the moment, they need this few:
  1. Graphic Designer (not those who only know how to draw 2D porn)
  2. Games Coordinator/Committee (non-SM related games, please)
  3. Emcee (cum stripper/pole dancer)

If you are one of the above, please contact our tai-koh at

p/s: only those who helped out gets to meet the Emcee in private after the show!

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