Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

They're Loving It!

After last Sunday, I finally realised why McDonald came up with the new "I'm Loving It" slogan! Little Skywalker and his friends showed me how they can thoroughly enjoy themselves without their parents worrying about their safety.

I co-organized (with Jason) a parents' gathering at the Sri Damansara McD last Sunday. Although a few of our usual gang "let aeroplane" at the last minute, the number of families that turned up was just nice for everyone to have ample time to talk to everyone else. The people (and families) who came were 1+2mom, MSAU and her friend, Loc Kee, Zara's mama (obviously about to pop), Milly, Jason (and his sister), James and Mae (the latest addition to the mafia). I managed to reserve a private section the day before.

Below are some photos taken during the gathering...

The ever cheerful 1+2 family!

The ever creative James and his son Jesse!

My future-daughter-in-law, Zara!

MSAU's Kiki and SQ!

Loc Kee's Sweet Sweet and her little brother!

p/s: Please notify me if you want any of the above photos taken down.

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