Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

High-Tech Tang Lung

Unlike last year, Little Skywalker's uncle and aunty did not made it back for a Mid-Autumn festival reunion dinner last week. Our family went to our uncle's house at Klang for a homemade steam-boat dinner instead. Due to the haze, the full moon was nowhere in sight, just a smoky sky (no thanks to our neighbouring country). Since my uncle's house is a corner lot, we spent the whole night talking and chewing kuah-chii in his yard.

While we were talking, Little Skywalker was playing with his high-tech tang lung. We got it from pasar malam a week before for seven bucks. It's an intriguing little fish that has motorized moving fins. Furthermore, you can pour some soap liquid into its mouth and it will blow out bubbles! It's so much cooler than the one we got him last year.

Well, he still went back to play with his tradition tang lung later...

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