Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, September 25, 2006

Surprise Gift!

We arrived home last Thursday evening to find a surprise package at our door-steps because we were not expecting any. When I saw the return address, I suddenly remembered that someone had asked for our home address in order to send our son a gift for his birthday a few months back!

Since Little Skywalker did not spend the night with us (as he was sleeping due to his fever in my parents and we did not want to disturb him), we waited for him to open the package. He did so the very next evening. He did not pay much attention to the little card on the present. However, he did removed it slowly and carefully without tearing it apart.

As you can see, he is the type that tears the gift wrappers into bits...


That's his biggest and most colourful book to date!

A million thanks to Greenapple! (and kisses from Little Skywalker)

p/s: Sorry again for not replying all your kind comments for the past few weeks as I am really very busy with the some freelance projects that just came in. Please don't stop doing it as I read and appreciate all of them through email notifications everyday :)

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