Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Last night...

J: "Eh! Will you still be long?"
E: "Err... why?"
J: "Your son wanna show you some magic!"
E: "A while more... will be up soon..."

That was J yelling from upstairs while I was "busy" playing with the new Lego Starwars game on my PS2. She took him up first to bath him as he was really getting into the middle of my game-play. Subsequently, I finished up the next level and turned in for the night.

When I entered the room, Little Skywalker was already sitting there with his books. I asked him if he has any magic to show me while J gave him a paper bag (which we use to bring back his pyjamas from my parents). And there was when the show began...

He asked for his pen at first, I didn't know its purpose by I gave it to him anyway. According to him, it was his "magic wand"! He sticked the pen into the side of his pants like the police do with their guns. Then, he took it out and started waving his "wand" over the paper bag a few times, and followed by a cute little "Alakazam!". Then, he proceeded to take out some of his clothes out of the paper bag piece by piece (like the magicians normally do). It looked as if he expected an all-round applause for his "magic", hence I clapped and applauded frantically!

After that, he went on with his second "illusion". I saw him trying as hard as he could (could see his facial expression) to stuff a piece of shirt into his tiny little fist. After that, he blew some air on to his fist and let go of the piece of clothing to the floor followed by "不见了! 没有了的!" (disappear already! no more liao!). Like before, I clapped and applauded frantically! To help him improve his act further, I even gave him a small piece of tissue paper to replace the piece of cloth that was obviously too big for his tiny fist.

According to J, Little Skywalker refused to wear his pyjamas and cried earlier before I went up. After his crying, he suddenly sat up quietly and played with his hands. J thought that someone taught him sign languages back at my parents (See how imaginative is my wife?). Then, he got up and said "Magic! Wei Wei Magic!" and "我没有 magic box 的?" (How come I don't have a magic box one?). J started to look for a box but couldn't find one. So, she gave her the paper bag instead. After that, he asked for some cloth (he even said pink ones to be specific!). J gave him a few pieces of his clothes instead. Finally, he said "没有 pen 的?" (No pen one?) and J handed him his "magic wand". It was then he started his first magic show for J.

Again, why didn't I have my camera with me when I needed it most! WHY?!

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