Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mild Fever

He was coughing a bit after J feed him some cakes for supper last night. Apart from that, he was still his usual active self, he even enjoyed his DVD for more than half an hour (I mean singing and dancing) before we turned in for the night.

By 3am, I overheard J talking to Little Skywalker. Obviously he was awake for his "midnight cravings". Then, J told me to keep an eye on him while she go get the syrup Panadol as Little Skywalker was heating up. I felt his forehead and his body to confirm. It seems that he is having a mild fever. Funny thing is, he is still very cheerful like he just woke up in the morning. We even had a good long chat while J prepared the medicine and brought the thermometer.

After taking his medicine (he refers it as vitamin and he loves it), he talked for a few minutes before the medication kicks in and he went back to sleep again. When we woke up this morning, he was already sweating a lot and J needed a cloth to wipe off all his sweat. He was still sleeping when we passed him over to my parents just now.

Hopefully he is fully recovered by this evening...

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