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Monday, October 09, 2006

Alex Boleh!

While the rest of the motor racing fans worldwide mourns the engine blow on Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F1 that might as well caused him a retirement at the top, there was some good news for us (I mean Malaysians) in the A1 GP.

For those of you who was too upset to tune in to the A1 GP (in the evening) after the disappointing afternoon F1 race, our Malaysia A1 driver Alex Yoong has just won his first double (sprint and feature race) at the Czech Republic leg of the A1 GP! I think this is the best performance so far for a Malaysian GP driver!

Congratulations to Alex for flying our flag high and making our national anthem heard not once, but twice at the international arena!

You definitely deserve a standing ovation from your fellow country-men...

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