Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Auntie GreenApple

While J was showering, I had a little chat with Little Skywalker who was looking at his new book.

E: 这个 book 是谁给你的? (Who gave you this book?)
L: Auntie GreenApple 给的... (Given by Auntie GreenApple one)
E: 怎样来的? (How does it arrived here?)
L: 坐 aeroplane 来的! (On an aeroplane!)
E: 酱你喜欢这个 book 吗? (So, do you like this book?)
L: 喜欢! (Like!)
E: 酱你见到 Auntie GreenApple 要跟她讲什么? (Then, what should you say to Auntie GreenApple when you see her?)
L: Oh my goodness!!
E: *哈哈大笑* 要讲 thank you 啦! (LOL! Say thank you lah!)
L: Thank you!

So, here is Little Skywalker's little way of saying a BIG THANK YOU to his Auntie GreenApple in Richmond...

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